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Space-Honk Space-Honkkk! Space Run Galaxy Released

Build the space-truck of your dreams

E what now? No no, come on, get out of here with your "this game is expected to launch in late 2019." I don't care what The Man says. Reader, I should mention that I'm flanked by two hired goons named - sorry, I feel awful for not asking: what are your names? - Edith and Duncan, lovely to meet you, from Big Video Games. The Man has told them to "show her what happens to people who post about games already out."

But for you, reader dear, I shall risk life, limb, and possible friendship - like, you seem cool, Edith, and I won't hold my impending finger-breaking against you so if you wanna hang out some time...? - to tell you that Space Run Galaxy [official site], a tower defense-ish game about building a beefy space-truck to haul space-cargo, is out now.

Space-cargo needs to get from space-A to space-B, see, and you have a spaceship. Space isn't the safest place, so you need to build your ship (snapping blocks together) with weapons, shields, and of course cargo space to get through quickly and safely. You build your own mobile tower defense platform and roll through space, basically, facing everything from space-pirates to giant space-squid.

The first Space Run rekindled Adam's interest in tower defense games for diverting from the usual genre course. This sequel introduces big ole boss bottles (remember that space-squid?), new types of cargo with their own risks and rewards, and online bits like player-created contracts and a market to trade goods with other truckers.

Made by Passtech Games, Space Run Galaxy is out now on Steam. It'll normally cost £14.99/19,99€/$19.99 but currently has a 15% launch discount.

Anyway, I can see Edith and Duncan are doing that cool neck cracking thing goons do in the movies - so cool! - so I'll leave you with the launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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