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Ubi's Steep Wingsuiting, Skiing Etc. To December

Exciting yet peaceful

The most surprising and delightful announcement of Ubisoft's E3 shindig is Steep [official site], an extreme wintersport 'em up with wingsuiting, snowboarding, paragliding, and skiing around the Alps. It looks fast and fun and generally pretty dang cool! And briefly gruesome when people slam into the side of a mountain at a million miles per hour. Along with online racing and whatnot, hey, it can let you just drift around a nice snowy place. It's due this December. Here, get this gameplay in your eyes:

Cover image for YouTube video

Ahh that's nice, isn't it? I do especially like how the mountain is online so you'll run across other players up to their antics, and can join in if you please. I like bumping into people online. Ubisoft do say it has solo activities too, if you want 'em.

Though, all that talk of 'Mountain view' does make me wish I could import my Mountain with all its beautiful garbage but no, that's just a map view. They've given the map a fancy name. That's all. Sorry.

Here's the typical flashy E3 trailer too:

Cover image for YouTube video

Ubisoft Annecy are leading development on this, assisted by Ubisoft Montpellier and with Ubisoft Kiev chipping in for the PC version.

Steep is due to launch this December. Signups are open for beta testing.

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