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Darksiders, Darksiders II, and Steep are free for a week on the Epic Game Store

Not very steep at all

It never ends. First there are the Xmas sales, full of gaming turkey for me to fill up on. Then my aunt showed up with Lee Carvallo’s Modern Warfare. And now, post-New Year, the Epic Game Store has just thrust Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, and Steep into my arms. They’re free from now until Jan 9. I hope the sales are still on in the real world, as I’m going to need a new hard-drive.

Of those three, I’ve only really spent a lot of time with Darksiders II, which is an excellent third-person action game that liberally steals from lots of other good games. It’s rammed with wall-running adventures in a world with mountain-sized eyeballs, tall dwarves, and a nice horse. It’s great, and it really shouldn't be free at any point, but there you go.

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I didn’t play the first Darksiders, and I probably never will, but that shouldn’t stop you. After all, how will you know exactly what’s going on with the sequel without playing it? I used Wikipedia to discover that one of the four horsemen, War, is on trial for starting a war. That's the sort of set-up I can support.

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Then there's Steep*. I confess I’d forgotten it ever existed. Ubisoft’s multiplayer, open-world snowboard game didn’t seem to capture a wide audience, but I do have friends who loved their time getting piste. The snow effects are pretty great.

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You have a week to grab these.

*Disclaimer: Steep was developed by Ubisoft Annecy, which is where my BFF works. Don’t worry, he didn’t work on that game. But the minute I start writing about The Division 2 is when you should all start booing.

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