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Shred it to the max in Steep's free weekend trial

To the limit, duuudes

If you fancy getting out in the great outdoors this weekend, good grief! Don't you know it's still winter? It's all wind and ice and snow out there. Are you up to that? Are you sure? You'll catch your death. I worry about you. No, stay indoors and perhaps consider having a look at Steep [official site]. Ubisoft's ski-o-snowboard-a-paraglide-u-wingsuiter is holding a free trial weekend, starting tonight, to let all and sundry play the full game. It's not super-amazing but it does have some pretty mountains.

The weekend trial starts at 6pm GMT on PC through the Uplay client. You can start the 25GB download now, and clicking this link will conveniently point you towards that if you already have Uplay installed. The trial will end at 8am GMT on Monday, March 13th.

Steep will be on sale this weekend too, picking up a 40% discount.

While Steep is also on Steam, Ubisoft haven't said anything about the trial or sale being on Steam, only Uplay.

Wot Brendan Thought of Steep is that wonky controls and bugs ruined the fun too much. However, since then, Ubisoft have tweaked the controls and fixed bugs in several patches -- not to mention doubling the skispace by adding Alaska.

This weekend trial will be the first time I play Steep myself so I can't tell you how much patching has improved it - any of youse got an update to share with the rest of the gang?

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