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Europa Universalis IV Gives Away Free Swedish Songs

18th century bangers

What if Paradox Interactive are a shadowy front for the Swedish tourist board? What if they're being nice - with all these lovely games and free DLC - to lure us to lonely lakes and forests? What then? We all know what the UK government did with The Beatles. Now, I'm not saying this is true, but the latest free bit of DLC supports my theory completely. A collection of 18th-century Swedish songs from poet and composer Carl Michael Bellman is now resonating around Europa Universalis IV [official site] in free DLC, ostensibly to selling Paradox selling many games but... if you download this and start pining for pine, don't come crying to me for help.

The Fredman's Epistles DLC is free to grab on Steam until July 4th, after which Paradox will start charging $1.99.

"5 songs from Fredman's Epistles have been arranged from Carl Michael Bellman's original works by composer Tobias Gustavsson with performances by Mikael Samuelson, Swedish baritone singer and actor," Paradox explain. You'll get to rock out to classics including 'Träd fram du nattens gud' and 'Glimmande Nymph! blixtrande öga!', and who could ever forget 'Drick ur ditt glas, se Döden på dig väntar'?

Oh, and Paradox's reason for this Swedefest? Hearts of Iron IV has sold over 200,000 copies, Stellaris is past 500,000 copies, and Europa Universalis IV itself is over one million.

And now I'm missing salmiak. Thank, Sweden.

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