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Smite World Championship 2017 Dates, Paladins Invitational, Spiralized Potatoes

Cyclone dogs.

The dates for the Smite World Championship have been announced for 2017: 5-8 January. This time around it will be taking place alongside a Paladins Invitational as well as the existing Xbox version of the professional Smite [official site] scene.

In fact, all the accompanying bells and whistles mean developers Hi-Rez are referring to the Atlantan shindig as the Hi-Rex Expo rather than the Smite World Championships nowadays.

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The event was already heading in that direction as the 2016 PC Smite World Championship was accompanied by a mini-expo dedicated to Hi-Rez's games and also marked the inaugural Xbox tournament for the MOBA.

It'll be interesting to see what the Paladins [official site] event looks like and how the competitive side of that is shaking out. In fact, I'm going to boot the latter back up and see how it's coming along. It's been a fair while since I checked in with its development.

Tickets for the Expo/SWC/Paladins-stravaganza are on sale for $99. The venue is the now-traditional Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and, if you do end up going, I would say that the food truck outside selling cyclone dogs (which are spiralized potatoes curled around a really long sausage like some crazy edible helter skelter) was also Of Interest when I attended the most recent SWC.

Oh, and the Georgia Aquarium is flat-out amazing. They have MULTIPLE WHALE SHARKS. AND THERE IS A CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS. I cried when I saw Bert and Ernie IRL

I'm starting to sound like the Georgia tourist board so to redress the balance: I hated the World Of Coca Cola. It's a baffling monument to a corporation and via the tasting experience and the free coke they give you when you go in I had so much sugar I thought I was going to pass out. I actually cried when my partner brought me a glass of water.

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