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Her Story, Read Only Memories & Cibele For $1 In Humble Narrative Bundle

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Wowee, isn't this a nice little surprise to help us shake off the Tuesday Wednesday blues? The latest Humble Bundle - Humble Narrative Bundle - has kicked off and, as always, the first tier is in familiar "pay what you want" format, with Steam keys costing a minimum of $1. Thing is, this particular collection's premier platform features one-time RPS Game of the Month and FMV Game of 2015 Her Story, cyberpunk retro point-and-clicker Read Only Memories, and Nina Freeman's lovely semi-autobiographical adventure Cibele. Based on those alone this is probably my favourite bundle yet, but there's more.

Paying above the average price - which, at the time of writing, is $4.10 - nets you Double Fine's Broken Age; 80 Days - the game we felt had the best writing of 2015; and fantasy adventures Sorcery! Parts 1 And 2. If you're feeling flush, parting with $10 or more will see turn-based tactical role-player Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition thrown into that wonderful mix.

While that last lot is undoubtedly great value for money, I really can't get my head around the first tier. Seriously, any one of those games for that price is remarkable, far less all three at once.

And you don't even need to take my word for it either. Why not read Adam waxing lyrical about Her Story? Or hear John's positive impressions of a game within a genre he'd not normally visit? Or discover why Katherine Cross thinks Cibele is a love letter to MMO communities?

The Humble Narrative Bundle is on now and will run until June 14. You should totally check it out.

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