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Steam Charts: Killer Hits

Like a man dancing to Belle & Sebastian, last week's best-selling Steam games saw some shaking at the top but not a lot of movement below. IS YOUR FAVOURITE GAME HERE AND WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT YOU AS A PERSON IF IT'S NOT?

1. Dead by Daylight

Wha? What even? I am not a man who twitches or let's plays much, because other human beings' voices are like knives in my spine, so this means I am occasionally blindsided by apparently out-of-nowhere games. Dead By Daylight, a 4 v 1 multiplayer serial killer game that perhaps could be described as Until Dawn vs Evolve, would be one of those. Clearly a shit-ton of people are playing it, but it's barely flickered on my radar until now. But is it doing so well because it's Proper Good or just because the Steam userbase often embraces new multiplayer murder playgrounds en masse before moving on? I SHALL FIND OUT.

2. Total War: WARHAMMER

Basically: Ian Sega and Ian Creative Assembly and Ian Games Workshop have made an awful lot of money from a tabletop game setting that Ian Games Workshop unceremoniously murdered last year. (To clarify: they rebooted Warhammer in what is to all intents and purposes a brand new universe, but TWW remains in the decades-old and beloved Old World setting).

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

I woke up this morning and thought "yes, I feel it in my bones. Today's the day that CSGO is no longer in the Steam top ten, and I won't have to think up something stupid to write about it this week." I was so sure.

I was so sure.

I feel as though I have been punched in the stomach. This is worse than that time a girl wouldn't go on a second date with me because she said I wasn't tall enough.

4. Arma 3 Apex

Arma's on my games bucket list: I know if you get into it, you get in deep or not at all. I keep wondering whether the Apex expansion/spit'n'polish offers the best opportunity yet to get involved, or if it's going to be a more fearsome prospect than ever.

5. DARK SOULS™ II: Scholar of the First Sin

Well hello there, where did you spring from, my lovely? The red-headed step-child of the Dark Souls series (i.e. the one whose development wasn't led by series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki) makes a shock return to the charts, as a result of a deep discount to $14 last week. It's the only of the lot I haven't played yet, but I do hear that this second, expanded 'Scholar Of The First Sin' edition is a huge improvement from the base game. The sale's over now though, I'm afraid.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

7. Hearts of Iron IV

Bit of an enormo-slump from last week's surprise number one position, but it's still good news for the hardest of hardcore strategy. Though I do hear tell that Paradox's WW2 grand strategicer has some lovely menus.

8. Youtubers Life

Everybody, everybody wants to be a cat YouTuber. Uninteresting fact: a YouTuber I know a bit in RL removed me from both Twitter and Facebook and I don't know why :( Maybe this is an actual generational divide thing (see no. 1).


If only you could Snapchat the monsters. Now that would be something.

I love DOOM, but I am still holding out for DLC that completely undoes the stupid, rug-pulling, face-palming ending.

10. ARK: Survival Evolved

OK, I'm getting worried ARK is going to be the new CSGO. Psst, ARK, can you bog off for a couple of weeks just so I don't get bored of you? Here's a short Jurassic Park clip in the meantime.

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