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Mad Mars: The Technomancer Out Today

War Boys

The more I think about it the more I realize The Technomancer [official site] is just Mad Max: Fury Road on Mars but without the all the exploding cars. There's a definite desert vibe and a massive shortage of water — so what else do you need? Well, in truth, probably a lot more. But still, The Technomancer looks intriguing and is out on Steam today.

The Technomancer is developed by Spiders. Yup, turns out even arachnids love them some post-apocalyptic science fiction. Okay seriously though, Spiders is a French studio and the same names behind Mars: War Logs (which is set in the same universe) and Bound By Flame. The Technomancer is a sci-fi action RPG where you are a "a warrior with the innate power to harness destructive electrical powers amplified by cybernetic implants," which is a fancy way of saying you zap people like Electro. Using those powers, your character gets caught up in the war between corporations to control the dwindling supply of water.

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In an interview with WCCFtech, Spiders Studio CEO Jehanne Rousseau had this to say:

"Mars is a lot bigger in The Technomancer compared to what you saw in Mars : War Logs. We’ve created vast, open areas that allow players to explore their secrets. The game’s world is built around several hubs and cities that can be unlocked – between which you can travel using a Martian rover. With regards to longevity, The Technomancer offers far more than any of our previous games. The main quest has 25 to 30 hours of play to offer, which is easily extended to around 50 hours with the inclusion of side quests. This is 4 times lengthier than Mars: War Logs, and The Technomancer contains around 4 times as many quests as Bound By Flame."

Honestly, that has me a bit nervous. The Technomancer seems to be a great deal larger, but does that mean it's going to fix any of the fundamental problems that have plagued just about every game made by Spiders? If you're familiar with Mars: War Logs or Bound By Flame, both game are arguably not worth anyone's time. When it comes to War Logs, John Walker said that "it’s so intrinsically dreary, infested with a dullness that doesn’t let any of its notions scrabble to the surface to become intrigue. And whatever its story wanted to be, the writing just can’t sustain it."

I went hands on for about half an hour during E3 this year, and I'm really not sure, which I'm worried is pretty indicative. While the combat felt like a good bit of fun, the opening dialogue sections eroded a fair amount of the confidence I had that The Technomancer would be different. The delivery and lip syncing were both painful to watch at times. But all that said, I'm still wanting to give The Technomancer the benefit of the doubt because I want Spiders's games to be good. That trailer does look great though, doesn't it? They have heart, I'll give them that.

The Technomancer is out later today on Steam for £34.99/44,99€/$44.99.

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