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Offworld Trading Company Launches Map Editor DLC

Dream Mars

Our Adam was awfully fond of Offworld Trading Company [official site], making kissy faces as he called the real-time financial strategy game "an exceedingly intelligent game" and "one of the smartest strategy games I've ever played." Smitted. If you also sent a big fluffy teddy bear to designer Soren Johnson (formerly of Firaxis) and his studio Mohawk Games, you may well like to know that it now has a map editor. You might be a touch less pleased to hear it's paid DLC. But what do I know about you?

The Map Toolkit DLC is out now on Steam for £3.99/4,99€/$4.99. It adds a map toolkit.

The editor lets folk make their own Martian landscapes for business purposes. Y'know, like a map editor.

The pack also includes a few new pre-made maps based on real Martian locations and I believe boshes them into the campaign (from what I understand of businesstalk) so, y'know, it's not just a map editor.

I don't know. Editors are (were?) fairly standard for RTS games so making one but charging for it seems a bit odd. I suppose Mohawk are a small company and Offworld Trading is a relatively niche game, so continued support might depend on charging.

Despite - or perhaps due to - Adam smacking his kissy lips every time someone in the RPS treehouse mentions time Offworld Trading Company, I've not had a go yet. What's it like, gang? Are you up for map editor DLC?

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