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Civilization VI Vid Introduces Queen Victoria's English Civ

Not our decision

"The English can be an aggressive and expansionist civilisation," explains a new Civilization VI [official site] trailer introducing the English civ's unique units and buildings, "but they can also switch towards a cultural victory if they set up their museums and send their archaeologists aboard."

Yes indeed ladies and gentleman, a little bit of politics.

Queen Victoria leads the English civ, ousting Elizabeth from her reign in most earlier Civs, which is a bit curious. While Lizzy's title was Queen of England and Ireland, Vicky was very much Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland; making her rule only England is a bit odd. I wonder if Scotland, for example, will be a separate civ.

Little bit of politics there.

The English special ability is the British Museum - not a building itself - which gives their archaeological museums extra artefact slots and provides more archaeologists. Their unique district (remember, cities are now sprawling is the Royal Navy Dockyard, which gives bonus speed for naval units built there and extra gold for ports on other continents. The English unique units are the Redcoats, who Trailer Voice says "are stronger when fighting away from the capital's continent" and can disembark without using a movement point, and the Sea Dog, a ship which can capture other ships and "bully weaker naval units".

A little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen.

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Civilization VI is due October 21st on Steam, priced at £49.99/59,99€/$59.99. Adam really liked the preview version he played.

"May the sun never set on your Empire as you lead the English to victory," says Trailer Voice.





Don't blame me, 2K picked this trailer to release this week of all weeks. They started it.

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