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Civilization 6 adds Portugal and zombies next week

As well as two new World Wonders

Sid Meier's Civilization 6 is not the sort of game I expected to add zombies, and yet developers Firaxis have announced just that. Last night, they dropped some details about the strategy game's next paid DLC, which arrives on March 25th. It's introducing a Zombie Defence mode where dead units can spawn as bitey corpses and infect your other troops. It's also bringing some slightly more normal stuff, like a new leader and civilisation in the Portugal Pack, as well as a couple more World Wonders.

In Zombie Defence, every dead unit has a chance to respawn as, well, an undead unit. It will chase and attack the nearest living unit, and if it kills them, they'll become a zombie too. Players will be able to build two city projects that allows them to control the undead within their city limits, allowing you to redirect zombies to enemy units, or simply make them get out of your city. A Zombie Defence spy operation will be available as well, which lets you try to spawn zombos on enemy tiles.

You can hear a little more about it all from the devs themselves in the update vid below.

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As for the more normal stuff, the new Portugal civilisation will revolve around trading, exploring and battling on the seas. The devs mention that naval play isn't something that many other civs specialise in, so it'll be interesting to see what opportunities arise from all that ocean access.

The two new World Wonders include Portugal's Torre De Belém (which will give players extra gold and admiral points) and the Etemenanki, a big Babylonian stone tower (which gives players extra science and production yields).

All this arrives on March 25th and is included in Civ 6's New Frontier Pass, or you can buy it separately for £3.99.

Civ 6 has been doing some weird and wonderful stuff with the new DLCs since the Frontier Pass launched. Just last month, Firaxis added a new Barbarian Clans mode, which lets players be pals with the barbarians, rather than just fighting them all the time.

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