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Civilization 6 gets classic leader Julius Caesar for free next week, but...

You’ll have to link a 2K account to recruit the Roman emperor

I came, I saw, I claimed some free DLC. That’s probably what Julius Caesar would say about being given away for Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, right? Well, whatever his nibs might think about the offer, you’ll be able to pick him up for nowt from November 21st. There’s only one catch, and that’s needing to link your 2K account on Steam or the Epic Games Store. Have a watch of the trailer below to see what ol’ leaf-ears has to offer your Romans.

Caesar returns to the Civilization series for the first time since Civ 4.Watch on YouTube

Caesar’s been kicking about in Civ games since the very first Civilization. Link your account to whatever platform you’re playing on and all you'll need to do to enable Jules in game is go to Additional Content in the main menu, find Mods, and select DLC: Julius Caesar. Rome’s dictator is more of a conqueror than Civ 6’s default Roman leader Trajan, and he really doesn’t like the game’s barbarians much. His Veni, Vidi, Vici ability rewards your Civ with 200 gold whenever you conquer a city for the first time, and 100 for clearing a barbarian outpost. It’ll increase to 500 when you’ve researched steel.

The Leader Pass for Civilization 6 was confirmed by devs Firaxis earlier this week, after leaking when promo art for the DLC was accidentally posted early to the Civ website. It’s made up of six packs that’ll release up until March 2023. The first pack, Great Negotiators, rocks up alongside Caesar on November 21st. That’ll let you choose another classic Civ leader in the form of Abraham Lincoln, new leader Queen Mbande Nzinga of Kongo, and an updated version of Saladin of Arabia.

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is on Steam and the Epic Games Store for $50/$60/€60. Caesar is coming to iOS and Mac as well as PC on November 21st. Ave, imperator!

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