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Superhot Mega-Stunts In Tick Tock Bang Bang

Superhot pashing with Drunken Robot Pornography

Like Superhot, Tick Tock Bang Bang [official site] is an FPS where time slows to a crawl when you stand still. Unlike Superhot, Tick Tock Bang Bang is a ridiculous mess of explosions, trucks screaming down highways, jumping cars, robots, and garish colours. That's because TTBB will have you playing as a stunt actor, see. Oh, and the ridiculousness is because it's made by AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! and Drunken Robot Pornography developers Dejobaan Games.

In a break from posts about games coming out in the months and years ahead, hey: Tick Tock Bang Bang is already out.

That whole Superhot "time moves only when you move (but not really)" thing? Tick Tock Bang Bang has that. Only rather than shooting men, you're... shooting man-shaped robots, but also shooting honking great big robots, and dodging a torrent of trucks zooming at you, and leaping from car to car and... it looks like Superhot's loud cousin, one who's played a lot of Drunken Robot Pornography. What a great family.

It's got editors to make your own levels and robots too.

It all looks a little something like this:

Watch on YouTube

Tick Tock Bang Bang is out now for £6.99/9,99€/$9.99 from Steam, Itch, and the Humble Store. It actually came out just under a week ago so, er, if you're quick you'll still catch the 10% launch week discount.

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