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Spooky Adventure Oxenfree Gets New Game Plus Mode

Olly Olly!

If you're someone who loved the atmospheric point and click adventure Oxenfree [official site], then I have some good news. Last week Oxenfree received a free update that added a new game plus mode full of new story bits and locations to explore. The new content isn't substantial, but if you've been staring at Oxenfree in your Steam library, wondering if you should give it a second playthrough, now's the time.

The update was first detailed in a post to Oxenfree's Steam Community page earlier in May. "This new content will continue Alex’s story beyond the traditional 'ending' into different locations, conclusions, and a completely tweaked understanding of the events on the island," it read. The option to continue into new game plus will be available after reaching the end of the game normally, with a selection menu containing the option to push the story forward into the new content that went live on May 31.

I can't believe it's been almost six months since Oxenfree released—where has the time gone? So many months I've wasted... Anyway, Pip found it surprisingly delightful in her review, praising the wonderful art direction and meaningful relationships the characters all have with one another. If a story about a bunch of teens getting stranded on a spooky island sounds fun you should probably check it out.

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