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Xbox Game Pass's February joiners and leavers includes Dirt 5, Oxenfree

Plus Code Vein, Wreckfest and more

Microsoft have announced what games are joining and leaving Xbox Game Pass in February. It's a decent selection, including the still-smells-new racing game Dirt 5, the battered old heaps of Wreckfest, and the exact kind of game Game Pass is best for, the anime soulslike Code Vein.

Dirt 5 is joining Microsoft's game subscription service on February 25th. It's only a few months old, having released in November 2020, which means it's newer than a lot of the big games that come to the platform. It's new enough that I wonder if some folks who bought it might be a little sore now they know they could play it for the cost of a one month subscription.

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Wreckfest is an older game, having ended its long early access journey back in 2018, but it has continued to be updated and it's still great fun. It's a racing game focused on beautiful collisions, in which both tracks and cars become deformed over the course of a race. It's joining the service on February 18th.

Code Vein, meanwhile, feels to me like the perfect Game Pass game, and also arrives on Feb 18th. Matt liked it in his review in spite of himself, but it feels like it's thoroughly in 7/10 territory. The kind of game you might like, if you like third-person melee combat with a stamina bar, but possibly not the kind of must-play you splurged on when it came out.

As always, a handful of games are leaving the service, including our beloved Oxenfree, but here's t he full list of what's coming and going:

Xbox Game Pass on PC: February games list

  • Code Vein - February 18th
  • Wreckfest - February 18th
  • Dirt 5 - February 25th
  • Superhot: Mind Control Delete - February 25th
Leaving (All February 28th)
  • Momodora: Reverie Under The Moonlight
  • Mother Russia Bleeds
  • Oxenfree
  • Vambrace: Cold Soul
You can find the above list, plus any games leaving or joining the console version of Game Pass, on the Xbox blog.

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