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Trials Of The Blood Dragon Announced, Then Released


Obviously the combination of physics-driven motorbike stunter Trials and the neon world of FPS spoof Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon would result in something ludicrous but gosh, Trials of the Blood Dragon still surprised me. Ubisoft officially announced the garish stunt game during their E3 press shindig today, a while after word of it leaked, and... then they launched it. It's out now. You can buy it, download it, and start biking and gunning (yes, it has guns) through neon hellworlds right now. Look at this:

Cover image for YouTube video

Yeah, I know, I'm not feeling the whole 'wasn't the past wacky!' vibe of Blood Dragon either but 1) I still like bright colours; 2) I like worlds which shift into big colorful things; 2) it has a grappling hook and my feelings on those are known; 3) it's still Trials, man. Historically speaking, Trials is good times.

If you've not played a Trials game, this might look like a simple platformer but... no. Even driving ten metres in Trials can be a huge accomplishment, as its physics-driven movement requires careful balance and measured use of power. I dread to imagine what's necessary for the track sections where your little fella runs around with a gun shooting cyberborgs.

Trials of the Blood Dragon is out right now on Steam and from Ubisoft for £11.99/14,99€/$14.99.

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