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Splatto: Trials Of The Blood Dragon's Demo Will Reward Good Play With Full Game

Hang tough

Combining the stunt riding of Trials with the shoot-o-wackiness of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in Trials of the Blood Dragon [official site] did not go too well, our John will tell you. But do you believe everything John tells you? He told me that dog eggs are delicious, that ice cream vans jingle to warn they're out of ice cream, and that a new food is why my hamster changed colour. So to hell with John! If he's not your real dad either, you might want to try the demo coming this month - and playing it can earn you the full game if you're good enough.

The PC demo will come on July 22nd through Uplay, Ubisoft have announced. Normally I'd not post about a demo release like this in advance but here's the interesting bit: "complete it with 15 or fewer faults to get access to the full PC version of Trials of the Blood Dragon, free of charge."

Of course, given that Trials can be monstrously tricky and that we've no idea how big the demo is, fifteen faults might be an impossible challenge. Especially as Trials of the Blood Dragon introduces non-motorbiking bits which are... well!

"There are so many hateful platforming sections as you get deeper in, fewer bike sections, then poorly implemented jetpacks in space, clumsy alternative vehicles, and what I think might be one of the most annoying moments in any game I've ever played," said John. That might help rack up the faults.

Just because I'm quoting John, it doesn't mean I believe that tosh about chewing gum wrapping itself around my heart.

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