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The Reason Why Allison Road Was Cancelled, Kinda, Ish


Don't go chasing ghost stories. You'll find nothing and be disappointed or, worse, find something and discover it's so much less than you'd wanted. Whatever you think you saw or heard, it's gone.

Yes, the makers of Allison Road [official site] have now explained why they cancelled their first-person horror inspired by the Silent Hills teaser game PT (Playable Teaser). No, none of what they say will give you any peace. If you were interested in the game, accept that it's gone and move on with your life. Read on at your own peril.

You can still turn back, you know. I'll give you a brief moment to consider that.

Allison Road was a first-person horror game clearly inspired heavily by PT, set mostly inside a typical family home. Oh, also a creepy little ghostgirl is wandering around with blood gushing from her mouth, and other assorted spookies are afoot. Of all the PT-y games that sprung up around the time Konami cancelled Silent Hills, Allison Road most looked like it might actually get finished. Then Konami took PT down too, and Allison Road became doomed to follow in its footsteps - all the way. It once looked like this:

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Fine then. This week, Allison Road developers Lilith gave this statement on Facebook:

"After a long consideration between Team17 and ourselves, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on publishing Allison Road under Team17's Games label.

"Sometime things pan out differently than expected as game development and publishing have so many layers of complexity... We'd like to especially thank everyone for their support through-out, it has and will always be appreciated!"

See? Nothing. If you'd left it be, you could at least retained some of the good kind of mystery, perhaps a little hope. You can't leave well enough alone, can you?

Why can't they try making it with someone else or by themselves? Before joining with Team 17, Lilith had tried to crowdfund Allison Road. Their Kickstarter was looking for £250,000 to fund development but was looking like it might fall short when Lilith cancelled the campaign and announced Team17 would publish and fund it. With just over a week left on the Kickstarter, only £146,000 had been pledged.

Given this previous struggle, Lilith might not want to try that again. Or maybe they wanted it to be bigger or smaller or in VR or a different game entirely or maybe they got trapped in a ghost house and tore each other limb from limb, for all I know. What happened? Who could say? Is there any hope? I told you not to chase ghost stories. You welcomed the questions into your head and now they will whirl and grind away until there is nothing of you left, only an empty vessel primed for dark spirits from the worlds beyond.

Anyway, now Resident Evil is going first-person spooky too.

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