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Allison Road Trailer: P.T.-ish First-Person Spooking

Spooky ooky

Konami may have murdered their first-person spooker P.T., but the Silent Hill promo game will surely inspire dozens of imitators and admirers. Allison Road [Facebook page] is clearly inspired by P.T., though a bit more literal and set inside a British terraced house.

A new 13-minute gameplay trailer shows off their current prototype, and it's awfully pretty. Plenty of stuff to pick up and fiddle with too, which I always appreciate. Think along the lines of One Late Night on a smaller scale and not pants, or Gone Home's secret ghost ending. Come see:

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Not bad that, is it? The narrator's mutterings seem a shame, pulling me out the world a bit, but on the whole that's jolly nice. I do like that it's crammed with household items; too often buildings which are meant to represent homes but only include a few token items to hint at that. It's a pretty game, looking like a real enough place to make the unreal things quite unpleasant.

If it looks a bit arbitrary and unclear, bear in mind that it's a prototype meant to show off general gameplay. "In order to do that without spoiling any of the story we decided to separate it from the actual game," say developers Lilith Ltd, "so while this is real gameplay it's not what you'll see in the full version of the game."

Impressively, Lilith are only six people. Good work, you lot. No word on a release date yet.

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