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Thump it!

You have to understand: I'm not supposed to be here. Something went wrong and I ended up in this dimension, one where we live on land not in water and our FPSs don't roar like Devil Daggers and our rhythm games don't rock faces like Thumper [official site]. This world is not right. But I am delighted that Devil Daggers slipped through a crack in reality, and now we have a date for when Thumper will follow - October 13th.

Thumper, to remind you, is a rhythm game from Drool, a two-person studio of folks who previously worked at Rock Band and Dance Central devs Harmonix. Your little beatbug doodad zips along surreal and colourful tracks, needing to make turns, switch lanes, leap, and so on in time to - and building - thumping tunes. And somehow you defeat giant bosses. I don't even know. I try to look at it through my fingers so I don't see too much. I recommend you do the same with this trailer from a couple of months back:

Cover image for YouTube video

Thumper is coming October 13th to Windows via Steam. Who knows what will emerge next from the world I should've been in? If I ever vanish, you'll know where I've gone.

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