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Bayonetta Devs Platinum Bringing Scalebound To PC

The Bayonetta devs

Look, I admit it: I've been over-excited about games like games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because I'm so desperate to have PlatinumGames on PC. They are one of the very finest developers around, but most of their best work is on their own creations: Bayonetta, Vanquish, and the like. So huzzah! Scalebound [official site], an actual Proper Platinum Game, is coming to Windows 10 as well as Xbone.

It's a game about a young lad and his dragon pal duffing up nasties, including the honking great crab seen in this E3 gameplay video:

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Yep, that seems to be a Platinum game, with all sorts of exciting ways to beat the heck out of enemies.

And you shut your damn dirty mouth with your 'giant enemy crab' jokes - crabs are great, and hitting weak spots is great, and Platinum games are great and all. I am jolly excited to hear this is coming our way. Giant enemy crabs seem pretty mundane by Platinum's standards for ridiculous enemies anyway.

Oh yes, and that trailer is showing co-op too.

Scalebound is coming in 2017. It'll be another 'Xbox Play Anywhere' game, which means that buying the game digitally on either Windows 10 or Xbone gets you the game on both with cross-platform saves. Yes, surely this will tie into Microsoft's platform and store and whatnot.

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