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Dreamfall Chapters Ending Longest Journey Next Week

The end of it all?

The fifth and final episode of Dreamfall Chapters [official site] will arrive next week, developers Red Thread Games have announced. It's the end of Dreamfall and likely the end of The Longest Journey too, the end of it all. It has been quite a long one: six months since Book Four came out; one-and-half-years since Book One; three-and-a-bit years since the Kickstarter which made this possible; a decade since the first Dreamfall; and almost seventeen years since The Longest Journey started it all. Here, have a peek at how it'll end:

Watch on YouTube

(Yes, they have said a "full" trailer is coming too.)

Book Five: Redux will wrap up Dreamfall, but this might be the last we see of its whole multiverse. Dreamfall is a sort of side-story to The Longest Journey, see, so its end doesn't necessarily mean an end to it all. But while ideas have floated around for a proper sequel named The Longest Journey Home and it was even dangled before backers as a $2,000,000 stretch goal on the Dreamfall Chapters Kickstarter, Red Thread only raised $1,538,425. They're now calling Book Five "the final episode of The Longest Journey saga." I'd expect an ultra-dramatic ending, then.

"The Longest Journey Home will probably never happen," chief dreamer Ragnar Tørnquist said on Twitter yesterday. "At least not for a long, long time."

Steel yourself for the end next Friday, June 17th.

If you're tempted to revisit the first few episodes as a refresher, do remember that they've been fancied up with an engine upgrade. Redux will tweak Book One a bit too.

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