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Sweet Khorne: Total Warhammer - Blood For The Blood God

Peak crimson

When a giant plucks a man from the battlefield and bites off his head, should there not be great gouts of blood spurting from the neck-stump? Should a troll not reasonably expect a spattering of the red stuff when tearing an Imperial knight into funsize pieces? The Blood for the Blood God DLC for Total War: Warhammer [official site] has just arrived, and as in Total Wars past, it adds blood to the battlefield. It also adds new campaign events that "serve to encourage slaughter across the world, all to the laughter and delight of The Blood God".

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Sega explain the existence of these blood packs with reference to lower age groups and regional ratings:

"Blood for the Blood God is likely to increase the age rating of the game to a ‘Mature’ or ‘18’ rating depending on the country of purchase. Please check that you meet the local age rating requirements of the DLC before purchasing.

"With around 20-25% of Total War players under the age of 18, Creative Assembly design Total War titles to be accessible for lower age groups, but have provided optional Blood Effect DLC for recent titles to enable older users to make an aesthetic choice should they wish to."

I've never been particularly interested in past gore DLC because historical warfare alternates between bleak horror and triumphant glory quickly enough in my mind. Painting everything red doesn't seem necessary.

In Warhammer though? Yeah, I want all of the blood. It's a big, brash preposterous world and I want to paint it red.

This shot looks like it could be from Attack on Titan though and it scares me a bit.

Eek. The Blood God DLC isn't part of the free patch which adds Blood Knights to the game, along with lots of tweaks to balance. More details on that here. Instead, it'll cost you £1.99/2,49€/$2.99 on Steam.

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