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Hype Hopes: Look Forward To These Indie Games


E3 is almost over and there has been plenty of hype for all the new projects. Of course, not all games can showcase a 10 minute gameplay demo of the main character failing to love his own son. So here's a trio of games from independent developers you should look forward to.

Quadrilateral Cowboy by Blendo Games

We have drooled over Quadrilateral Cowboy plenty of times in the past, even as far back as PAX 2012. It's a game of hacking, espionage and heists. You play a team of talented burglars in a world of obsolete cyberpunk, switching between them and using a rewind function to time their actions so everything happens in sync. The Hacker might disable some lasers while the Engineer pries open a door and the "Greaseman" slips around the outside.

For a better idea of how this works you should watch this video of Brendon Chung running through an earlier version, sneaking through an airship and popping pills to speed up time. Blendo Games is also the creator of Flotilla and Thirty Flights of Loving and according to their website the game will finally be released this year. Don't get too excited, because that's what they said in 2014 as well. But you can get a little excited.

Overland by Finji

Overland is a blow-by-blow survival strategy that Alec described as "XCOM as post-disaster roadtrip". You are travelling across America, stopping to scavenge fuel for your journey. The survivors are tiny, randomly generated people with skills and personalities. And each of them will have to do their bit in the turn-based scavenging sections.

But monsters soon show up - products of the mysterious cataclysm that has destroyed the country - and more will appear the longer you stay in any one place. Using your actions to fill up your car with a jerry can of petrol might be a wise decision, but dragging one of your friends to safety might only get you into more trouble. A game that promises tension as well as that FTL-like feeling of loss you get when a whole group gets wiped out and you have to start again. It's in the earliest of early access right now and not available to most. But keep your eyes open.

Bear Rodeo by Punches Bears

Zombie-infuriated paw flailing or naked Danny DeVito attempting a bear rodeo? We don't know exactly what form this game will take when developer Punches Bears is through with it. But judging by all the playful GIFs and videos posted on the Twitter account, it will surely be something good. For now the idea seems settled on "Bear Rodeo" but, as with a lot of indie developers, this idea might warp dramatically into anything else. It is a coin toss as to whether this game is finished before Punches Bears' other mysterious project, "Burrito Quest". And it looks like they are both in early stages yet. But so long we get bears and rag doll physics somewhere down the line, everyone will be happy.

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