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Post-apocalyptic road trip Overland launches this month

Are we there yet?

I quite like dogs, me. Kicking off a trailer with a sad ol' Shiba is probably unfair, but oh - they've pepped right up! Oh gosh, there's more of them! They're a little more crabby, but a pooch is a pooch. You can't fool me. Oh, christ, there's a few of them now... wait, why are they swarming? Good dogs, nice boys, please don't bite my arm-- ouch!

Overland, the proper stylish disaster road trip from Finji, is hitting the road for real. The roguelike survival strategy has been driving around quaint little low-poly dioramas for a few years now, but every journey needs a destination. Overland will reach its on September 19th.

There's even a nifty new trailer to go with the launch news. Heads up, pet fans - not every dog makes it out of the video alive. Poor pooch.

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Overland has been chugging around for a few years now as a "first access" Itch release. The bleak travelogue tells tale of an escape through procgen post-apocalyptic ghost towns. There's no Welcome Break stops either, so all your fuel, health kits and overpriced meal deals need to be pried from the clammy claws of mutants.

Three years was long enough for Alec to cool on it, mind. Harsh inventory quirks and naff design decisions dampen a beautiful procedural adventure, while Into The Breach delivers small-scale tactics combat with far more confidence. Alec isn't here, mind. I won't have a word said against the knife-wielding dog game.

Look at that tough pup. You can't pet this pooch. Absolute champ.

Overland is coming for Windows, Mac, and Linux via Steam,, and GOG.

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