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Overland now has all-dog squads in newest update

For when the going gets ruff

Despite being very, very bad at its turn-based tactical survival, I quite enjoy Overland. I always welcome a reason to jump back in and utterly fail at surviving an apocalyptic road trip across the country. Finji have given me another fantastic reason to get back behind the wheel. In its newest update, Overland adds an "all dogs" setting that guarantees your squad will only be made up of furry friends. Also there are pugs now.

Overland update 1.2 actually adds quite a few neat changes, but you'll forgive me for focusing on the pups, I hope. When starting a new game, you can now toggle the "all dogs" option meaning no humans allowed. Ah but wait, the humans were always in charge of chauffeuring their dog party members to each new zone. What now, pups? Well the dogs can drive with this setting on, of course. Also, pugs have been added as a new dog variety. Surely their squishy little faces won't be a hinderance in the end times.

The new update also adds features for both the skilled among us and the tactical rookies like me. A new "tourist" setting removes enemy creatures from the game, presumably meaning that your only obstacle is keeping fuel in your car. There are also rest stop levels midway through each of the biomes so that your party can pull over between dangerous areas. On the other end, a whole chunk of evil difficulty options like "endless night" and "no revives" make for tougher playthroughs.

You can find some other details in Overland's update 1.2 post.

Oh, and look at this dog rolling around on top of a dead creature. Yuck, pup.

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