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Bags packed, dogs fed, shotguns loaded: strategy road trip Overland sets off

Beep beep

Are road trips even fun? It's certainly a nice thought, tearing down a sunlit road with your mates, chugging brews in the back and tunes on the CD player. But I can't think of any I've been on that aren't outright misery, crammed in the back on a family jaunt across the country, parents arguing over a map while the sausage rolls start stinking up the cab. Still, could be worse. Unlike Overland's unfortunate nomads, I don't recall ever fending off wild dogs with a 2x4 every time we stopped for petrol.

But Finji are finally ready to make the trip. Fill 'er up and pack your bags, Overland hits the road.

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Overland is a bit like Into The Breach, if you swapped out giant robots for a Fiat Punto with a Labrador riding shotgun and traded big bugs for small bugs. Rather than a series of tactical mech puzzles, however, you've got a drawn-out road trip where each diorama-like rest stop could punch you in the gut and leave your posse for dead.

Finji's road trip has been pottering along for a while now, and I've been quite looking forward to it. I'm always up for a dreary road trip with a dog at your side, but I've heard Overland might just be a bit too punishingly minimal. Our Alec (RPS in Peace) felt similarly at first, but had a less positive outlook by the time of his early access review.

Suppose I'll just wait 'till someone else in the RPS treehouse gives us the full scoop in our upcoming review. Overland is out now for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam, Itch, and GOG for £19/€21/$25.

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