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Sea Of Thieves Showcases Chaotic High Seas Action


Sea Of Thieves [official site] got a gameplay video as part of E3 so we can see a bit more of the shared piratical world and get an idea for how the collaborative boating and cannonballing (and drinking) might work. I actually found it really engaging.

I know that that's what a gameplay video is generally aiming for but so many miss the mark - with this one I can imagine catastrophic sea voyages as we accidentally abandon crew members, sail into rocks while someone says "you've got plenty of room" and capsize at the hands of vaguely competent foes. The only thing missing in the footage was sea shanties. I refuse to believe people wouldn't sing sea shanties.

Cover image for YouTube video

The footage is from play sessions with competitions winners (the competition involved showing how excited you were for the game, so it's not surprising that the footage is as upbeat as it is).

The play sessions also functioned as feedback sessions:

In addition to the gameplay sessions, we made the most of the visit by talking with our fans about their experience. Often, this resulted in excited storytelling (“We decided to make a truce by drinking grog side-by-side in the middle of the ocean, but then they opened fire from out of nowhere!”), but we also received critical feedback about how the game felt, what features our visitors were expecting in the future, and how the experience could be balanced moving forward.

It's Windows 10, though, and I am still refusing Windows 10 like Ryan Gosling refusing cereal.

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