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Payday 2 Biker DLC Introducing Playable Ron Perlman

Robbing down this road

As part of their recent promise to support Payday 2 [official site] for at least the next 18 months, Overkill Software have now revealed what its latest batch of DLC, due out on Thursday, is all about. It's two separate expansions - The Biker Heist and The Biker Character Pack - taking the total number of paid-for and free add-ons for the first-person robbery fest to an impressive 60. Between the two, expect new weapons, masks, a new character, and a new heist.

To mark the occasion, Overkill released a typically Payday live-action trailer alongside the reveal. It's got a shotgun-wielding Ron Perlman in it and it's all a bit Sons of Anarchy. See:

Cover image for YouTube video

Given it's about bikers, I suppose that comparison is obvious however Perlman's Rust character does fly pretty close to SOA's Clay Morrow. And that dude with the long hair and beard is a dead ringer for Charlie Hunnam. Bokeem Woodbine's The Elephant character is in there too, all of which proves this is hardly a cheap way to promote a videogame. In any event, the latest round of DLC shouldn't break your bank, with The Biker Heist costing $6.99. That'll get you:

- Two day heist
- CR805B submachine gun
- Throwable axe
- Four masks, patterns, and materials
- Six achievements

Whereas The Biker Character Pack comes in at $4.99, and gets you:

- Rust playable character
- The "Biker" Perk Deck
- Breaker 12G shotgun
- Chain whip melee weapon
- Two masks

Both The Biker Heist and The Biker Character Pack are due to release on June 16, 2016, or this Thursday to you or I. Oh, and did you spot the wee Hellboy nod up there too?

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