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Kojima Productions Announce Death Stranding

What is this?

Metal Gear maestro Hideo Kojima has announced Death Stranding [official site], the first game from his new studio. It may or may not involve beached whales, crabs with cables coming out their guts, a nude Norman Reedus, a cyberbaby, and mysterious hovermen, going by the cinematic E3 trailer. I am delighted that Kojima's first game away from Konami seems to be going hard on the weird. Have a gander:

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Okay, sure, it's probably a tone-setting piece. And yes, early looks at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain were big on a skywhale which proved to be in the game for five seconds but I live in hope. You've got to, don't you?

I like that Norm (him out of The Walking Dead) wears of a gruesome necklace of USB thumbsticks torn from the ports of every computer he's killed. That's probably what that is. A mean computer from the sea stole Norm's baby by caesarian and is flinging sealife at the shores to spite him, so he's training up to fight it by taking down Apple Macs etc. Those hovermen are just here to watch a good scrap. That's almost definitely the actual literal plot of this game for sure.

Last we heard, the new Kojima Productions (he took the name with him when he split with Konami) said their first game would come to PC as well as PlayStation - just a little later. They don't mention PC anywhere around this announcement, and the FAQ which said that has now vanished offline, but... I'll let you know if there's bad news.

Norman Reedus, you might remember, was supposed to play the protagonist of Kojima and Guillermo del Toro's cancelled Silent Hills. It's nice that they're still pals. Look at these pals:

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