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Rumour: The Witcher's Gwent Becomes Own Game

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You'll never guess what Ian Video Games heard down at the trademark and patent office! Oh, yes, of course someone said "This is the daftest idea I've ever heard", you're right there. His patent does make a certain sort of sense if you think about it, though. Inevitably some Frankenstein will make a perpetual motion machine by strapping buttered toast to a cat and hurling it off a roof - but how will they safely attach the toast to the cat? Cushioned heat-resistant toast straps. Always thinking ahead, that Ian.

Anyway, no, the other thing he heard: someone filing a trademark for a standalone version of Gwent, the card game from The Witcher 3.

This here is a trademark filing for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, supposedly filed by CD Projekt RED two days ago to cover video games. And board games. And jewelry. Sunglasses. Figurines. Medallions, footwear, underwear, leather belts... look, they make these very broad to cover all conceivable scenarios. But the key categories are video games and online games, and those seem the most likely.

It sounds interesting. I really enjoyed Gwent as a diversion within The Witcher 3 but on its own merits it seems a bit limited. I'd imagine a standalone version would bung in a heap more cards to open up more strategies, mind. And would have proper human opponents. We'll see! I'm more into the idea than The Elder Scrolls: Legends, at least.

Various fans made a Gwent mod for Tabletop Simulator and even a full standalone multiplayer game, though CD Projekt did force them to take that down. Projekt did also make limited edition actual physical Gwent decks for the Hearts of Stone expansion.

This trademark filing isn't an announcement or confirmation, of course, but maybe we'll hear one at E3. Or maybe not! He's told a tall tale or two in his time, that Ian.

Ta for pointing this out, NerdLeaks.

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