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Cyberpunk RPG Copper Dreams Hits Crowdfunding Goal

Stealth and chainsaw arms

Whalenaught Studios, the husband and wife duo behind last year's gothic old-school RPG affair Serpent in the Staglands, are hard at work on their next project, Copper Dreams [official site]. A turn-based cyberpunk-inspired role-player, its creators suggest we "think an isometric Escape from New York, or Deus Ex." Which sounds pretty darn exciting. If that's not enough to get the juices flowing, know that Copper Dreams has now been successfully crowdfunded to the tune of $40,000 at the time of writing. You've still got a few short hours to help up that. Hop below for a trailer and deets.

"You can't run when your number's up," says the narrator from Copper Dreams' campaign trailer. "The lucky get drafted to war. The rest get drafted here." Here, is the dysfunctional city of Calitana - a US government-owned metropolis viewed through the lens of 1970s/80s futuristic sci-fi. Which looks a wee bit like this, apparently:

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Calitana is a bit of a dump, basically - both figuratively and literally - as we learn the government has been forcibly shipping citizens to these off-world colonies so as to appease overcrowding in cities elsewhere. There's no official rule, and shady corporations have taken charge. You work for one of them, but spying on your competitors leads you to uncover some dodgy secrets. Here's Whalenaught on what you'll be getting up to:

"An isometric, fully 3D world allows for vertical freedom and movement. Traverse through districts by vaulting through windows, grappling hook to decks above, or by jumping from building to building. Every floor of every building in a district can be entered without loading a new scene, so you can plan proper escape routes or entrances in ways that suit your team.

"The city and surroundings that sweep the horizon of the island are dense with people, puzzles and intrigue to explore any way you can."

There's a tonne of extra information on the Copper Dreams Kickstarter page in relation to all of that and more which you should totally check out.

Although a wee bit critical of its slow start, Richard Cobbett seemed to enjoy his time with Whalenaught's previous outing (which was itself successfully Kickstarted). Having achieved a far greater crowdfunding target this time, though, it'd be fair to assume Copper Dreams will be even larger in scope.

As it stands, Copper Dreams is due for released in March 2017. In the meantime, here's a closer look at its combat with co-creator Joe Williams:

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