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Screenshot Saturday Sundays: serene survival, dystopic directives, and fashionable fighting

Weekly gif-ts

Screenshots*, taken on a Saturday, pooled together on a Sunday. It’s time for a peek at some upcoming games that developers have been sharing progress of this week on Twitter. Within: a tranquil moment among the fight for survival; an ominous talking billboard; and obliterating a robot, but make it fashion.

*They’re still mostly gifs, the attention economy hates stillness.

First, a moment of serenity from Year In The Trees, with the light filtering down onto a hobbit hole root cellar:

This might be luring us into a false sense of security somewhat though, as according to the game’s website it’ll be a survival RPG in which you’ll need to “live off of the land and battle dangerous creatures as you explore deep into the wilderness.” But boy does it all look gorgeous, and it sounds it too, with “peaceful forest libraries, ancient stone ruins, hidden treetop cities, and crystalline caves…lone woodsmen and witches, bandits and scoundrels, and fantastical creatures both friend and foe.”

Less welcoming are the streets of the city in Copper Dreams, encouraging us all to snitch:

Developers Whalenought Studios say that they make “cozy RPGs,” but that might not be the adjective I’d use to describe Copper Dreams, especially since its website describes it as a “horror” game “set in a dark and grim cyberpunk world.” Exiled from the United States – and Earth – to an interstellar colony, you’ll need to sneak, spy, and fight your way about, ideally without picking up enough ailments to kill you.

The game had a successful crowdfunding campaign a few years ago, so if you want to know more about it (or at least, where it was at back then), you can see what Joe Donnelly wrote about it at the time.

Elsewhere in futuristic cities, something quite different: the vibrant streets of Super Crush KO, where fashion is as important as fighting the end of the world.

According to Steam, she’s in the process of stopping an AI apocalypse. I’ve included another screenshot up there in the header because I’m very into the combination of cute pastel cities and also punching things very hard into explosions. Apparently, the game combines shoot ‘em up and beat ‘em up action, so it seems like a whole lot of destroying things from various ranges. And looking good while doing it, obviously.

There are, it will probably not surprise you to learn, a whole lot of games being made at any one time. You can take a walk through the Twitter tag yourself to get an impression of just how many.

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