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Learn To Spell: Mages Of Mystralia Trailer

Making magic

E3 2016 scheduling last night ended up a bit like old school Strictly Come Dancing vs The X Factor where the end of one would overlap the other and you'd either have to choose or become hideously confused via the medium of a second screen and flicking between the audio. Last night I caught sight of the colourful new Mages Of Mystralia [official site] trailer at the PC Gaming show on one screen while Aisha Tyler was explaining Ubisoft to me on the other.

Watching it properly this morning, I think it looks delightful:

I'd managed to miss the game until now so in case you're in the same boat, the story is being written by Ed Greenwood (creator of Forgotten Realms). The main character is Zia, a girl who has been exiled due to her magical abilities. The game is about her meeting up with other exiled mages and finding runes. The runes are, I think, what you use in order to craft your own magical spells which you can then use in the game.

The trailer tells you you are to reclaim your rightful heritage which is a pretty basic videogames-y commandment so I'll wait and see what the story has to offer once there's something playable before I get too invested on that front.

I feel like that's a crafting system I can get excited about for once, though. I also really love the cel-shaded artwork. (John also felt optimistic about it earlier in the year based on the reveal trailer.)

Mages Of Mystralia is due for release in 2017.

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