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Deus Ex's Breach Mode Enlists NeoTokyo Composer


The Official RPS Campaign To Get Billy Idol In Deus Ex gathers momentum. No, Eidos Montreal haven't yet given a rebel yell confirming ole spiketop's presence on the soundtrack, but it's surely a matter of time now I know we're musically on the same page. You see, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [official site] has drafted the chap behind the flipping lovely soundtrack for Source mod NeoTokyo.

Ed Harrison is providing 'tunes' (and likely some 'choonz') for Mankind Divided's newly-announced leaderboard-climbing cyberspace mode Breach, says a hot new tweet.

Breach, to briefly recap, is a mode separate from the main campaign in Mankind Divided. Popping on the datahat of a leet hacker, players jack into cyberspace to hack the Gibson - by running around shooting cybermen who represent security protocols and whatnot. Success means points and points mean prizes, in the form of upgrades and new loadout options. Here, this explains it all.

That's what Harrison is musicmaking for. Which I'm jolly excited about, as his work on NeoTokyo is some of my favourite cyberpunky music.

Look, you have to understand: I'm not usually someone who listens to soundtracks outside their home games. The angriest I've been in recent years was when I discovered "GIVE CHIPTUNES A CHANCE" scrawled on a bar toilet mirror during GDC.

Listen: the NeoTokyo soundtrack is pretty great.

The NeoTokyo soundtrack is on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is due out on August 23rd. There's still plenty of time to get Billy Idol involved, Eidos Montreal. Tomorrow People for the end credits, I'm telling you.

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