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Going Underground: The Division's First Expansion Out

(Going Underground!)

The surface of New York City is iconic, sure, but its underside is something even better: mythic. That's where blind albino alligators grow massive in the dark, where leaking steam pipes vent through manholes, where the Mole People live, where rats larger than dogs flood tunnels in devouring hordes, where trains stop at secret doors, and there are more ghosts than you can shake a P.K.E. Meter at. So I'm delighted to see Ubisoft's first paid expansion for The Division [official site] is out now to explore down there. I'm sure it will have all of those verifiable true things.

Well, we can dream. The Underground expansion's main feature is procedurally-generated dungeons - mazes, nests, and warrens of tunnels, subways, sewers, secret clubs, and so on to fight through in search of big prizes. Objectives are randomised too, so each mission going (going underground) will be different.

Underground also adds four new gear sets, a new level-30 Incursion in Hell's Kitchen, and some other odds and ends.

Launching alongside Underground is update 1.3, bringing new weapon types, an expanded stash, matchmaking inside no-respawn areas, balance tweaks, bug fixes, and whatnot. Check the patch notes for all of that. You might also be interested in this blog post getting deep into the weapon changes.

Underground costs £11.99/14,99€/$14.99 on its lonesome or comes with the next two expansions in the £29.99/39,99€/$39.99 Season Pass. The launch hasn't gone entirely smoothly, but Ubisoft have fixed the bug which didn't let Season Pass holders play and are looking at delta errors and long queues.

Here's an Ubiman having a gander at going underground (going underground):

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