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Counter Striker: Rocket League Gets CS:GO-esque Loot

Counter Striker

As if I wasn't already struggling to not waste away my evenings playing Rocket League [official site], Psyonix continues to update it's cosmetic loot system to become even more like something you'd see out of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I'm not even kidding, later this month an update will add even more rarities to randomly receive after competing in matches as well as a trade-in system so that you can put your useless items towards something much more fetching. Still not convinced? What about special items that track your stats. And to top it all off, they've even announced plans to add player-to-player trading. My guess is another six months and we'll be reading about people making $6000 selling a rare wizard hat.

Arriving in an update later in June, Rocket League players will start finding rare and very rare items like new hats and antennas to trick out your car with. These items can be found at any time after completing a match, but like their name implies won't be something you should expect to see too often. In addition to that, Psyonix revealed last week a new "Item Attributes" which will further distinguish the cosmetics you can add to your car. Painted items are just like regular versions you might already own but come with a new coat of paint denoted in the name of the item, and "Certified" items will track certain stats. As an example, Psyonix talked about a "Sniper Wizard Hat," which would track how many long distance goals you've made while playing. When you reach a certain threshold, the hat will level up to read "Skillful Sniper Wizard Hat."

If the uncommon or rare items you'll earn no longer excite you, you can trade in stacks of five of them in order to earn one item of the next-higher rarity. But that might not be such a great idea, because Psyonix have also warned that player trading is planned to be implemented in a later update, meaning it might be worth holding onto your duplicates.

It's pretty great how much Rocket League has taken off. It feels like only yesterday when I first heard the rumblings about it, but yesterday Psyonix announced they had reached a whopping 16 million players. I think it's safe to say Rocket League is nothing short of a phenomenon.

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