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Rocket League is now free-to-play with a new Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass Season 1 is live too

Vrom vrom football's gone free-to-play and that's far from the only change in Rocket League today. The explosive car sports game has another season of its Rocket Pass, overhauled its Challenges system, and moved to the Epic Games Store.

Psyonix have published the patch notes for today's update that detail all the changes coming to the game with the switch to the free download model. One biggie is that you can no longer buy the game on Steam, though you can still play it if you already own it. Instead, you'll be able to download it free over on the Epic Store. You'll now be able to share account progress between Steam, Epic, and console versions as well by linking an Epic Games account.

The Challenges system has been updated, Psyonix say, adding some tasks aimed at new players. Challenges will also now come in weekly, seasonal, and event categories. The Tournaments System has gotten changes as well, which you can read more about in their blog post. Competitive play is getting three new ranks at the top of the bracket. Oh, and there's another season of Rocket Pass, Rocket League's battle pass system.

Epic are offering a $10 store coupon to anyone who downloads the game from their store. There's also a Llama-Rama in-game event beginning this Saturday, September 26th during which you can earn some Fortnite-themed cosmetics.

Correction: This article previously referred to the Rocket Pass as new. It isn't. It is called Season 1, though, which hopefully makes more sense to someone than it makes to me.

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