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First-Person Buffyer: Eldritch Devs Making Slayer Shock

I vant to play your video game

Somehow we've not mentioned before that Eldritch and Neon Struct studio Minor Key Games are making a role-playing first-person shooter about youngfolk hunting vampires in Nebraska. Silly us. Slayer Shock [official site] is due to come out later this year and comes to my attention today through a new dev blog post with the catchy name Everything I Need to Know About Writing Video Games I Learned From Pro Wrestling. Sounds fair enough.

So there you are, a group of young people with a college coffee shop in Nebraska for a vampire slayer clubhouse. Buffy with corn. Minor Key call Slayer Shock "spiritual successor" similar to Eldritch, an FPS with stealth, a few RPG-y bits, and procedurally-generated stuff.

Along with levels, it's generating storylines where each mission is an 'episode' in the storyline of a 'season'. So, what generates an infinite amount of storylines with memorable characters, plot twists, and feuds? Sports entertainment, obvs. It's an interesting read about character gimmicks, building people up through repetition, and still rolling on merrily with the biff-boffs even if happenings get weird.

Minor Key's David Pittman is also keeping a dev blog on the TIGSource forums, going into stuff like how Slayer Shock improves on Eldritch's level generation.

Also, you can jump through windows:

Slayer Shock is due out for Windows, Mac, and Linux towards the end of this year, some time from September onwards.

Neon Struct and Eldritch are both in the Steam summer sale, by the way.

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