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The Last Leviathan: The Maiden Voyage of HMS Pip

Set sail for... um... underwater

"This is the good ship Pip" I said, posting screenshots of my construction into work chat.

"Cool, I didn't know you could make submarines in that game," said Alice.

Yes, yes. Hilarious.

I've spent the afternoon building what I thought was quite a snazzy ship in early access ship building/ship destroying game The Last Leviathan [official site]. I sort of maybe completely forgot about "weight" and "hydrodynamics" in the face of fancy balustrades.

Now I'm bloody-mindedly forcing the good ship Pip through the water, splooshing half-submerged towards a distant island. I am making slower progress than I would like on account of not really having got to grips with the way wind works so I'm mostly going slowly backwards.

There's a barrel of rum on board though so I assume there's a limit to how bad the voyage could really be.

OH WAIT! I can add propellers!

Oh no! The propellers were too strong and now I seem to be doing sea wheelies:

Also I seem to have sort of crash landed on a beach.

I feel like the good ship Pip is a work in progress.

The Last Leviathan is currently £6.29 (usually £6.99) on Steam. Early access caveats apply - whole modes aren't implemented yet, same with sea monsters and multiplayer and all of that. I just fancied building a ship with my afternoon. Check out Joe's earlier post for a bit more detail on the devs' plans for the game.

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