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Archaica: The Path Of Light - Pretty Laser Puzzling

Laser focus

Archaica: The Path Of Light [official site] caught my eye this morning. It's a puzzle game about orienting coloured lasers in order to activate ancient mechanisms.

It's currently on Steam Greenlight so I haven't played it yet but it looks pretty and I have a real soft spot for those kinds of puzzles. It's part of why I loved The Talos Principle so much and also why I wish I was better at Laser Chess.

"The idea for logical puzzles is to adjust the mechanisms and cast light through all the crystals on the board. This brings to life mechanisms created by the Ancients.

"Every board consists of variety of devices such as mirrors, splitting devices, colour filters, teleports and more. Using only them player must illuminate all the crystals on the board. Laser beams can be merged together creating a new colour that is needed to illuminate some crystals. What matters in some situation is that it can run in opposite directions but in the same line. Some boards contain dynamic elements like elevators which make new tiles on a board available for playing after activation."

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The project is being developed by two brothers - Piotr and Marcin Turecki based in Poland. Without playing, I have no idea if the puzzle-solving is pleasurable and that's what the game will hinge on but it definitely has my attention.

Archaica currently has a tentative release window for the end of 2016.

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