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Watch Dogs 2's E3 Gameplay Trailer Is Good Silly Fun


Watch Dogs 2 [official site] looks like a modern-day video game reboot of the seminal Hackers and I can't tell you how much I'm into that. Cocky young punks and ruffians free-running wild and listening to banging tunes while they stick it to The Man is right up my cyberstreet. It's so over-the-top and that is why I adore it. It can't be serious, can it? It can't. I adore it. Look how much fun these scamps are having in the 11-minute first gameplay trailer!

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Watch Dogs 2, as you'll have noticed, does away with surly uncledad Aiden Pearce and brings in young Marcus Holloway. He's joining the Dedsec hacktivist collective to stick it to The Man through the usual Watch Dogs sneak-a-hack-murder antics. He's better at parkour than Aiden and has new gadgets like quadcopter and car drones. Oh, and a stun gun if he wants to be less murdersome. It's nice to see a video game protagonist enjoy themself.

Also, improved co-op!

On top of that gameplay trailer, Ubisoft released a regular E3 trailer which drops a little Run the Jewels:

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Oh, and Ubisoft also announced a garbage exclusivity deal that'll see Watch Dogs 2 DLC released first on PlayStation 4 then 30 days later for the rest of us. Thanks for nothing!

Watch Dogs 2 is due on November 15th.

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