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Have You Played... Watch Dogs 2?


I won't dignify the underscore that is in the official title. Watch Dogs 2 may not have an iconic cap, but you know what it does have? An iconic mask.

I really liked the whole little crew in this, another example of how an Ubi series only gets properly good with the second game. Watch Dogs 2 is set in the bay area, principally San Francisco, and it's a fun playground version of it where you can action-adventure hack your way to defeating an evil megacorp that's stealing data and spying and whatnot.

Dedsec, you gang of hackers, is a little family of outcasts, and Ubisoft actually gets pretty close to talking meaningfully about things like gender, race, mental health and autism (pretty close, but no cigar). Main character Marcus is great, and my favourite of the supporting cast is Wrench. Wrench dresses like a punk who exclusively shops at Hot Topic and has an animated emoji mask because he is self conscious about his actual face.

He is a sweetheart and I wish he was my best friend. The end.

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