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Ubi's Star Trek: Bridge Crew Manning Stations In VR

Make it so!

In the post-currency, proto-post-scarcity Federation of Star Trek, you and all your chums can hang out in virtual reality together on holodecks. Ubisoft have gotten a little ahead of themselves, forgetting that the current state of Earth is perhaps best described as 'pre-collapse sigh' or 'whyyyyyy', and announced a Star Trek virtual reality game made for multiple players with their own cybergoggles. Star Trek: Bridge Crew will let up to four players slip on their cybergoggles to man a station on the bridge of a starship, as four former Star Trek crew members demonstrate in this trailer:

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A bit like a simpler Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator with extra shininess, Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts players in charge of different stations on a Federation starship bridge - Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer. You fiddle with buttons on your console, follow orders, and try not to stop naughty folks like the Klingons from blowing your ship up.

Now some words from Ubisoft:

"Primarily focused on multiplayer, Star Trek: Bridge Crew isn't just about short skirmishes or self-contained missions, and it follows a storyline that pushes players to master the Aegis' abilities while discovering new territory within a region of space known as The Trench. There's also an 'Ongoing Missions' mode that procedurally generates new missions, and if you prefer to discover it all at your own pace, you can play solo, issuing orders to NPC crewmates as the Aegis' captain."

I'm still marvelling at the idea that many people will be able to have even one set of cybergoggles, let alone know three people who have some too. I mean, I do, but I know a lot of devs. It seems a little early for this current VR wave, doesn't it?

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is coming to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive this autumn (also PlayStation VR).

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