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Street Fighter V: Balrog Arrives In Story Mode On Friday

Alongside Juri, Urien and Ibuki

We already knew that Street Fighter V's 'cinematic story mode' would bring with it a few new characters, including the opportunity to play as them before they're added to the wider game. Now we have a trailer that shows boxer Balrog in motion, alongside a very brief glimpse of characters Juri and Urien, who are also joining the game.

Here's the trailer:

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Those three aforementioned characters will be joined by Ibuki, who already had her own trailer.

I never much cared for Balrog back in my Super Street Fighter II Turbo days, because he seemed boring. If I wanted to win I played as Ken, and if I wanted fun then I played as E. Honda, Chun Li, Blanka or Dhalsim. I put Balrog firmly in the Zangeif Of Boring People Who Hit. That's likely wholly unfair, but I know nothing of high-level (or mid- or low-level) fighting game strategy. I like the colourful characters and the casual couch button mashing.

I wasn't familiar with either, but upon reading about them it seems Juri and Urien aren't much better. Juri is one of the game's antagonists and her two traits appear to be "spider" and "sexy". (From the Street Fighter wikia, the game's Design Director said, "From the start, we felt like, 'let's make her an evil, sexy character'.") Basing your evil woman character around a spider's traits ought to be banned right alongside "gorilla scientist." Meanwhile, Urien is the antagonistic younger brother of Gill, has the same physical body, but isn't bright red and blue.

Of course, it's possible they're really interesting to play.

All these characters and the story mode will be available this Friday July 1st.

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