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Valve apologise for leaking Street Fighter V DLC characters

E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison are coming

Whoops, say Valve. Yes, we did accidentally put a Street Fighter V trailer up early on Steam this week. Yes, it did leak three new characters who’ll be joining the roster. Sorry. We’ll try not to let it happen again.

The post on the Street Fighter V Steam forums admits the “regrettable and unintentional situation,” and promises that “we have already implemented measures to prevent this error from happening again.”

“We are fans of Street Fighter ourselves and we’re sorry for the error,” concludes the post, signed by “The Steam Team,” which is all a bit too brands-pretending-to-be-people if you ask me. Still, the point stands. Valve made a mistake, and they’re owning up to it.

The trailer they accidentally published early revealed three new characters: the sumo wrestler E. Honda, and Final Fight’s Lucia and Poison. Capcom, who were presumably planning to unveil this at the fighting game event EVO this weekend, put up the trailer on their own YouTube after it leaked, so you can see them in action.

Watch on YouTube

According to the video description, the new characters will be available individually on Sunday, August 4th, and bundled together the day after. The bundle will also include several recoloured skins for each.

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