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Trial And Terror: Limbo Free Today & Tomorrow

Developers follow-up out July 7th

Limbo [official site] is a gloomy platform game with giant spiders and sparks of electricity haunting the night. It led to my favourite RPS phrase, when John and Kieron shouted at each other about the game. That phrase is "Rick Dangerous for Goths". I'm on the fence when it comes to Limbo (being on the fence is a bit like being in Limbo) but I'd definitely recommend you try it for yourself. It's free on Steam today and tomorrow, to celebrate the upcoming release of the studio's follow-up, Inside.

I just spent five minutes trying to remember my favourite parts of Limbo and realised they're all focused around the beginning of the game, in the forest, with the spider. I remember a Hotel sign later on but I'm not actually sure I ever saw the ending. My save game is on a hard drive somewhere, suspended in the middle of the game. How appropriate.

As for Inside, you can see a teasing trailer just below.

That's coming to Xbone on June 29th and to PC a week later, on July 7th.

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