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Steam Summer Sale Starts Next Week, Say PayPal

Watch your wishlist

For the next week, you might want to stop treating yourself to a lunchtime cup of hot frothy wren blood or whatever it is you people drink and put those pennies aside. The 2016 Steam Summer Sale is likely starting next Thursday, June 23rd, going by an over-enthusiastic announcement from PayPal. They've been right before.

"It's official: the Steam sale starts 23rd June," PayPal tweeted today.

I think Valve have official say on that, you scamps, but who can blame them for being over-excited? PayPal is one of Steam's accepted payment methods so, y'know, they probably do know about these things and would like you to funnel your pennies through them. PayPal have leaked correct Steam sale dates before so sure, it's probably right.

Fingers crossed for another Steam sale where they simply discount lots of games, with none of the complicated minigames and levelling and badges and flash deals and microdeals and nanodeals and picodeals and crafting they got into for a while. I like being able to look at a list of games and decide "I will have that one please, thank you" rather than need to cross-check numbers and reports to guess if it'll be cheaper later on. The nice thing about digital sales is that, unlike sales in physical shops with limited stock and clawing crowds, they needn't necessarily be hell.

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