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The Temple Of No Is A Free, Funny Game From Co-Creator Of The Stanley Parable

Spare just a few minutes?

Cancel your evening plans, you have something better to do now, and it involves playing a charming free Twine game. The Temple of No [official site] is a fourth wall-breaking adventure about a woman, bloke or frog journeying forth to find a "map that sees all things that ever have been or will be (but in map form)". It's silly and short, written by The Stanley Parable's William Pugh and has lovely illustrations by Dominik Johann. Plain good fun.

Temple is created by Crows Crows Crows, the small studio behind the similarly silly, short and free Dr. Langeskov.

Twine games have never really been a thing I've paid much attention to, but I've now gone through and played Temple of No several times to experience each of the branching choices. It's a delight to read and immediately obvious how much fun Pugh and the rest of the team had using Twine to create silly jokes. There's also loads of endearing drawings and sound effects that liven up the adventure, making it feel more like a self-aware children's picture book.

Where The Temple of No truly shines is in a couple of fully-voiced dialogue scenes that go on for far longer than expected. During my second playthrough I jumped into the shower to see how long the monologue would be going for, and yeah, it was still playing when I got back. That's dedication. And it's also hilarious.

The Temple of No is playable in your browser via, so put off doing whatever it is you needed to do today so that you can play as a frog searching for a fabled map that shows all things that ever have been or will be (but in map form).

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